Divine Message

The only truth in the universe is ‘Atma’ (the Divine Soul or God). Innumerable changes happen within nature, but Atma always remains constant. It neither has a beginning, nor an end. It is immortal.

Atma is present in all of us, residing in our heart. The easiest and most effective way to attain Atma is to meditate in the Self. Meditation is the act of loving atma.

The Atma (Soul) is Worshipped
We welcome you all to experience this blissful journey with his holiness Sadguru Atma Malik Mauli.

Divine Dictum in Hindi

    The virtual reality in the universe is the existence of Atma (Divine soul). Everything in the world has an end innumerable changes will take place in the nature, but Atma neither has a beginning nor an end.

    The philosophy of Atma existed long long ago and it will exist for ever because Atma is immortal. Atma existed even before Bramha, Vishnu & Mahesh. We must pray and love Atma. Instead of praying thousands of millions of Gods, it is best to meditate on Atma. Praying Atma is praying all Gods.

    To Attain the God the simplest and easiest way is to meditate is self i.e. Atma, God exists is the heart of everyone as Atma. Don’t look at the self, but meditate in the self to attain God. Atma is formless and is without physical properties such as colour, height, weight etc.

    To see God it is necessary to manifest the Divine soul ( Atma) is a form with physical properties.

    This manifestation in form is none other but Sadguru. Look at Sadguru in the heart and meditate.

    Atma neither belongs to any religion nor caste. Hindus, Muslims, Christian, Sikhs, Parsi, Jains, buddihsts all will seek God by meditating upon the self, Atma the Divine soul.

    Jesus, Christ, Gurunanak, Mohammad paigambar, Lord Shri Krishna, Bhagwan Mahaveer, Gautam Buddha all had self realization because they meditated in their self, Atma and became God.



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