Atma Malik Dhyanpeeth

Blessed by the presence of His Holiness Sadguru Atma Malik Mauli, Atma Malik Dhyan Yog Mission is a place where the supreme creator of this universe – The Atma is worshipped.

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  • Ajapjap & Atmachintan Kriya

    “AjapaJapa” is the silent reverberations of the GuruMantra that strengthen the Sadhak’s foundations to Purity, mental steadfastness, Dharana or capacity to focus and ‘hold” the pure truth.

  • Swarupchintan Kriya for Contemplation

    Swarup Chintan or Contemplation on the deeper self – the atma swarup is the process of being Aware of the magnitude of the soul; wherein begins the Consciousness of The Soul.

  • Atma Malik Bal Sanskar Camp

    A tender stem can be shaped as desired, so applies to the kids. Bal Sanskar camps nurtures kids with values and ethics to be a better human.